Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soulful Songstress

If you don't know her already, meet Monica Blaire. When my long time friend asked me to be her makeup artist I was pretty excited. If you haven't seen this woman perform live, please put it on your list of things to do, it's definitely an emotional experience. Doing makeup for a performer is a bit different from working with runway models for one reason... SWEAT! Lol, and this girl can MOVE on stage! I'm always off to the side ready for touch ups, often we use lip stains or long wearing lipsticks. There is always an oil controlling powder in my hand. Thankfully she has perfect skin so even if foundation begins to melt we just say "oh well". I also use a good eye primer, a combo of M.A.C.s paint in Bamboom and their prep+prime eye in dark. She has been featured numerous times in print, such as in B.L.A.C. Magazine (Black Life Arts and Culture), Real Detroit, and has performed at events such as the Ford Freedom Awards, SXSW, and Bravo Bravo. She also had a role in the stage play "Meet the Parents". Top photo taken by Mario Butterfield.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Game On!

I was hired for this shoot by a college student, this was one of her projects. I absolutely loooved the concept so I hopped on board. I had never met any of them prior, nor have I worked with them again, but I love how the photos turned out! They remind me of some hot video game characters...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iron Woman

When my friend Felle called me and asked me to design a look for an Iron Woman, I took it as a challenge and a compliment. He had already airbrushed the bike and wanted to shoot it with a model for a project he is currently working on. (it's gonna be amazing too, sshhhh...) After I had done the makeup he airbrushed and hand detailed her entire body. I used a red, yellow and black shadows around the eyes. I was extatic when I saw the compled image. Photography by Tyrone Holmes.

Dead Presidents

A day in the life of a makeup artist is never boring. Working with different recording artist is lots of fun. For these guys I used a white and black grease paint, and a lot of patience, both of these guys were very ticklish. The one on the right was feeling so in character he wore his makeup home, lol.
Money and Zo of Gain Green for Silent Riot Ent. Photography and album cover by Mario Butterfield.

Footprints on the Runway

Michael Anthony and Mark England

These are just a few photos from my work with this talented photographer and fashion designer.